In May 1988, Mandan Senior High School won a
"Chance to Dance" with regulars of "Dance Party USA"
and a special concert with DEBBIE GIBSON
DPUSA Regulars, Ed O'Neil, Cyndi G., Cindy
Stark, Princess, Julie Amick, Romeo, Chris Starr,
Jen Kelly & Chris Kelly along with Jimmy Jam,
Annette Pizzo and Phil Ferrara pose with
Mandan High School Students.
Don't Play Innocent, you two.        
Ed & Romeo playing the lottery on the plane...      
Someone call a doctor please...     
Annette Pizzo & Ed O'Neil       
Andy Gury talks to a few students
from Mandan
Rennie, Annette, Julie, Princess and
Phil take a break with the others.
Another Chance to Dance